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7 April 2006

Top 40, large

Wouldn't it be neat to have, say, a 1963 WMCA Good Guy T-shirt?

Until Mr. Peabody gets the WABAC machine working, this will have to do: fresh CafePress knockoffs, researched by the major radio fiends at RadioLogoLand, who have imaging from lots of classic pop radio stations — though nothing yet from Oklahoma City's KOMA or WKY. (They do have KAKC stuff, for the Tulsans among us.)

I suggest you grab one of these before the Gods of Intellectual Property take umbrage and request injuctions.

Posted at 6:01 AM to Entirely Too Cool

From Sacramento they have KROY -- but no KZAP!?

The '70s KROY logo they have isn't even very interesting to look at. KZAP's logo from that era was.

Though, to be fair, I was more likely to listen to KROY in those years than to the ZAP. Obviously I didn't make such decisions based on logos...

Posted by: McGehee at 8:11 AM on 7 April 2006