The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

7 April 2006

2-0 against T.O.

Last time we saw the Raptors, I said something to the effect that they were better than their record suggested; they are indeed a persistent bunch. Tonight they made thirteen treys (out of 35 tries, which was almost the same as their percentage from inside the arc) and came back twice from major deficits to scare the Hornets. Fortunately, the Bees tend to play better when fear is staring them in the face, and they prevailed, 95-89.

Seven of those Toronto treys were sunk by Mike James, who scored 36 in all. It still amazes me that this team has lost 50 games.

Desmond Mason and P. J. Brown saw some action tonight from the bench; it was good to see them back on the court. David West scored 19, Chris Paul 16, and Linton Johnson 13; Speedy Claxton dropped in 11 from off the bench.

Saturday night in Dallas, where the Mavericks always seem to have the Bees' number; after that, the final homestand, against Cleveland, Seattle and Utah.

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My first go at a game and it was better than I expected. The Hornets came out strong but the Raptors kept the pressure on getting within 4 more times than I was comfy with. After a 15 point lead the three's kept coming from the Raptors that had me struggling not to break the code of conduct rules for the fans. :) A definate do again.

Posted by: joe at 11:00 PM on 7 April 2006