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11 April 2006

Sex, Yellow Dye #5, and rock 'n roll

It's even timely, sort of: Great Moments In Rock And Roll History (As Reenacted by Marshmallow Peeps®).

(Purloined from E. M. Zanotti.)

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» The inherent relevance is staggering during this holy season from Rocket Jones
I mean, there's that giant rock that was rolled in front of JC's tomb, and then there's rock's giant moments. And in today's world JC might've called his apostles "peeps". Check it out: Great Moments in Rock and Roll History......[read more]

"Woodstock: 3 Days Of Peeps & Music"

And two weeks later the attendees awakened from a sugar induced coma!

Posted by: belhoste at 9:02 PM on 11 April 2006

don't miss Lord of the Peeps...

Posted by: boinkie at 3:41 AM on 14 April 2006