The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 April 2006

The yard report

The weeds, of course, returned to greenitude before most of the actual grass, so I hauled out the mower this morning to knock down the areas of most blatant growth.

Nothing seems to have died over the winter, which, since it wasn't that much of a winter — half the usual snowfall, and one of the warmer Januarys on record — isn't much of a surprise. There's a new shrub north-by-northeast, which last fall wasn't much to look at: today it's bound for treehood, which might be a Good Thing if it doesn't play hell with the fence it approaches.

Irises: front box, one, white, in bloom: four in waiting. None in back yard yet; I am hoping to get some to grow under the elm.

Roses: front box, four, three red, one baby pink. (Shades of "Lipstick on Your Collar"!) Huge backyard bush, seven, very, very deep red. Still smallish in diameter.

Trees: Greening slowly, except cottonwood, which is past its Q-Tip stage. Brace of chaste trees slow to warm up, so to speak.

Ground texture: Seemingly lumpier than usual.

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