The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 April 2006

For funsies

The Hornets were out of the playoffs, and they weren't likely to dislodge the Kings, so Byron Scott apparently decided to let everyone on the active list play and let it all hang out. The results were not particularly lovely on either side, though the Kings' Mike Bibby gave the Hornets fits, scoring 23 including five 3-balls, and Sacramento did post the W they needed to clinch a seed, winning 96-79.

Just to make it semi-interesting, the Bees canceled the Third-Quarter Drought™, actually outscoring the Kings 28-24. Marcus Fizer made his first appearance, scoring two points and grabbing two rebounds. The top Hornet rebounder was Brandon Bass, who got six, along with eight points. (Chris Paul scored 12; everyone except J. R. Smith got at least two.)

Two to go: tomorrow night in Phoenix against the Suns, and Wednesday in L.A. against the Lakers.

Side glance: The Bees' 38-42 record would still be in playoff contention — barely — were they in the Eastern Conference.

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