The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

17 April 2006

Strange search-engine queries (11)

This staggeringly-popular feature (by which I mean that hardly anyone closes the browser immediately upon seeing it) contains actual search strings which led people to pages on this very site.

why gilligan kept messing up all the rescues from the island:  It's what kept the show going; otherwise, it would have been canceled after about six episodes (a three-hour tour).

a man shouldn't act under desperation:  You've just eliminated two dozen romantic comedies under development in Hollywood.

here comes peter cottontail heavy metal mp3:  Another poor soul led astray on the Bunny Trail.

what does malfunction indicator light mean on mazda 626:  It, um, indicates a malfunction.

shitty gas mileage for 99 ford explorer sport:  And you're surprised why, exactly?

stephanie zimbalist sneezing bouts:  Remington Steele made her sick.

give me a five hundred word essay on why someone shoplifted:  As George Carlin said, dishonesty is the second-best policy.

wants me to wear pantyhose:  Who does? And did anyone notice it's 89 degrees out?

dating women who like to go barefoot:  Who doesn't? And did anyone notice it's 89 degrees out?

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