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19 April 2006

Those snotty young whippersnappers

The Dover Post ran a feature article on Delaware blogs, a couple of which were familiar to me. This comment about Fritz Schranck's Sneaking Suspicions jumped out at me:

Moderate, reasonable tone throughout that betrays the age of the author.

Inasmuch as said author's age is within twenty-four (or so) hours of my own, it seems to me that it might be in my best interest to do something to avoid appearing moderate and/or reasonable.

Accordingly, here is a list of rude interjections:

  • Goldarnit
  • Crud
  • Dagnabbit
  • Nerts to you
  • Pshaw

Eat 'em and weep.

Posted at 5:58 AM to Blogorrhea

I recommend "Consarnit," even if only as an occasional alternate.

Posted by: Ed Flinn at 10:33 AM on 19 April 2006

You fergot jumpin' jimmeny and bejeesus

Posted by: anomdragon at 4:07 PM on 19 April 2006