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19 April 2006

Yeah, it's got a hyphen

Lileks objects to the term "anal-retentive":

A person has an utterly reasonable desire for a certain amount of order, and they're slapped with a term that makes it sound like they've been using yogic powers to keep their bowels blocked for decades.

Not a constipation devoutly to be wish'd.

Freud blamed this phenomenon on toilet training, but then every source he found for everything lay along a semicircle from navel to coin slot, which suggests he had issues of his own.

Is there a better term that could possibly supplant "anal-retentive"? "Control freak" doesn't seem to capture it.

Posted at 7:36 AM to Dyssynergy

...which suggests he had issues of his own.

Especially given his answer when asked what deep psychological significance was to be found in his cigar habit.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:32 AM on 19 April 2006


- Coin slot snot?
- Anal Roberts -- Oh, wait that's and ORAL issue...
- Plumber's crack attack?
- Feces Theses?
- Rectum Infectum?
- Hot shot about his coin slot?

Posted by: Carol7710 at 10:45 AM on 19 April 2006

I used to work for a firm that was anal-attentive: we were expected to pay attention to every asshole on the staff.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:03 AM on 19 April 2006


Posted by: Jan at 11:56 AM on 19 April 2006

From a pair of my old personnel evaulations:



"meticulous and thorough"

...which both boil down to "anal-retentive".

(Yes, dammit, it is hypenated!)

Posted by: timekeeper at 5:27 PM on 19 April 2006