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22 April 2006

Getting somewhere

"Call me a late-bloomer," says writer Mary Stella, forty-eight:

I was in my 40s when I finally sold my first book. I also have a day job that's the best one I've ever worked and every day there makes me feel that I've really come into my own. That sort of satisfaction more than makes up for the fact that, due to our non-profit status, I make a third of what I would elsewhere. I wouldn't be half as happy, I bet.

At this age, I'm self-reliant, more confident and have a positive outlook on life. I have a terrific circle of friends who are all amazing women and men.

All it took was getting older. And to think we fear aging and complain about it so much.

Mostly, I put this here as a reminder to me. I was a wreck at 48; I started to emerge from the wreckage at 50; I'm actually sort of functional at 52.

And is it aging we fear, or what happens when we're through aging?

Posted at 12:01 AM to Almost Yogurt

What I fear is the loss of my faculties. That usually goes along with aging. Yet as the years have advanced, I find that I've lost less of my strength, speed, agility, and acuity than I once expected. Now, that could just mean I've never had as much of those things as I once thought, but still...!

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 8:28 AM on 22 April 2006

I have always been low on the agility scale. Probably why I'm fascinated by the ballet.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:28 PM on 22 April 2006