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24 April 2006

Strange search-engine queries (12)

Because you — well, not you you — asked for them!

is a "36C bra" big for a 15-year-old?  Depends on the 15-year-old, wouldn't you think?

dali's motivation for the lobster phone:  I always figured it was a veiled attack on society's shellfishness.

nude vacations:  At least you don't have to pack a whole lot.

meredith vieira pantyhose:  I suspect this is the sort of person who wears out the Pause button on his VCR remote.

playmates past pubic preference:  Oh, I don't think they ever get past that.

I am not being objective:  Admitting it is the first step.

vanishing cream that makes you invisible:  I think we can rule out Pond's.

what is a dillhole:  If you have to ask, he's not.

should I be a writer:  If you have to ask, you should not.

profile description shy romantic paranoic:  You're soaking in it.

lobal warming hoax:  Who wants cold lobes?

gasoline price vs cheese price:  The latter is set by OPEC (Organization of Provolone-Exporting Countries).

fourteen year old nudist girl:  This is probably a good way to find 45-year-old guys.

Posted at 6:08 AM to You Asked For It

nude vacations: At least you don't have to pack a whole lot.

Which leaves more room for the sunblock.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:41 AM on 24 April 2006

...a 15-year-old what?

Posted by: Matt at 10:20 AM on 24 April 2006

Point taken.

I should note that the "not you you" line is swiped from the lovely and talented Wendy McClure, whose book I'm Not the New Me you should read at your earliest convenience.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:37 PM on 25 April 2006