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27 April 2006

Meet Jeanne Doe

Deer use your landscaping as a salad bar only in blue states, says Farmer Flick:

Generally, in the South you don't get deer eating your landscaping. Because when there's an overpopulation of whitetail, the PETA folks don't protest while the rest of us buy a hunting license and demonstrate a little darwinism on 'em.

I should point out (although it's likely unnecessary to do so) that the last time I saw Bambi, I was rooting for Godzilla.

Posted at 10:59 AM to Dyssynergy

I wondered why the herd in this neck of the woods seems larger than usual these days; if we'd vote Republican the way we used to do around here then the damn deer would move on over to Connecticut and leave us alone.

Posted by: akaky at 3:55 PM on 27 April 2006

So... since when is Oklahoma a "blue state"? ;-)

Posted by: Lynn S at 7:10 PM on 27 April 2006

Mmmm... venison... Tasty when made into a burger and served on Indian* fry bread.

*I refuse to write "Native-American fry bread."

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 7:14 PM on 27 April 2006