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25 May 2006

It's a conspiracy, I tell you

News Item: The Nike iPod sports kit is a joint venture between Nike and Apple, mixing fitness and music.... The sneaker sends a wireless signal to the iPod, telling you how far you've gone, how long you've been working out, and how many calories you've burned.

Is this really what we want? Tam has her doubts:

And now your personal electronics can snicker about you behind your back with your sneakers and, for all we know, get together with your Blackberry and con the ATM machine into pulling your account down around your ankles while your back is turned. At what point do we just say "Stop! This is crazy! Don't put a computer there!"

Right before you have to do this, I guess:

I'd type about this more, but I have to go press Ctrl+Alt+Del on my toilet seat.

[sigh] Remember levers?

Next, I suppose, is a GPS insert for your shorts, so you'll always know exactly where your ass is.

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...and for fans of classical music and dinner parties...

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