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29 May 2006

Another bullet bitten

About two years ago, I resolved to get myself a digital camera, if for no other reason than to improve the production values (such as they are) of the travel logs from the World Tours. One should never underestimate my capacity for procrastination, however, and I managed to delay the purchase of one of these contraptions until this morning.

mulberry treeThe contraption in question is Panasonic's Lumix DMC-LZ3, and while its image quality, by most accounts, is no better than average for this price class ($200ish), it had one gee-whiz feature I thought was worth having — a built-in optical stabilizer, for when the camera is being operated by Mary Anne with the shaky hand, or worse, me — and there's the fact that, unlike my experience with some brands, I have never had any trouble figuring out all (okay, "most of") the bells and whistles on a Panasonic product.

calendar girlThese were my first two attempts: they are reduced from 5-megapixel size and slightly cropped, but otherwise unaltered. The tree is the mulberry out front, recently slightly cropped itself to remove dead limbs and the like; the young lady (age unknown, but way over twenty-one) appears on a calendar hanging on my wall, though that photographer was careful to give her an actual head, and the glare on the southeastern edge is clearly my own contribution. (Click either for a version with less debigulation.)

Still to be acquired: suitable memory expansion, in the form of SD cards.

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New toy!

What's with the gloves she's wearing?

Posted by: Erica at 6:06 PM on 29 May 2006

Gardening gloves for women are a pretty big seller, since you're working with dirt and stuff, and some of that stuff has thorns and such. I admit, though, that I seldom see them in that particular color.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:24 PM on 29 May 2006

I recently picked up an HP cam in the $150ish range. It works pretty durn good. Best Buy, of all places, had SD cards on sale right then ... and I went for a 2 gig model for $70, thinking I would get maybe 800 pic capacity with the 4 mega pixel xcam.

Nope ... more like 2400 pic cap.

Posted by: Mel at 8:12 PM on 29 May 2006

I can't vouch for the LZ3, but I got a Panasonic FZ-5 in January and I've been having a ball with it ever since. And yes: optical image stabilization *rocks*.

Or, rather, it doesn't. That's the point, really.

Posted by: Will Duquette at 9:04 PM on 29 May 2006

You've taken the'll love it! I have taken so many pictures around Oklahoma City since I got mine (just to document my hometown as it has been these past four years), that proper organization has become my biggest problem. Throw in all the family pictures, the scanned pictures from old photographs, Polaroids, etc. and I am drowning in digital pix. I've been slowly organizing with Picasa and it's coming along. Amazingly, I discovered not long ago that I have 20GB of nothing but my own digital pictures. Egad. Before long, you're best friend will be a good photo-duplicate finder...I use two different programs: NoClone and PhotoSort. In the course of organizing, you'll find yourself doing a lot of "copying" rather than "moving" in order to make sure you don't "lose the original." It can become a sickness. Have fun with it Chaz!

- Mike

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 10:00 PM on 29 May 2006

Before long, you're best friend will be a good photo-duplicate finder...

No, I'm not an idiot. I meant YOUR. The other day I sat down and wrote an email and realized I had been on "auto-type" or something. I had written, "If you here of anything," and "...the window pain..." All in one email! Not that anybody is keeping track, but it irritates me when I do that kind of thing. I had to write again and fix my your/you're. Sorry.

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 10:08 PM on 29 May 2006

I love my Kodak Z700. Love it.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:33 PM on 29 May 2006

How did you live this long without it? I've got a trusty old Kodak DC260 I think it is, that was top of the line when I got it, which was probably 5 or 6 years ago. Still happy with it, but getting antsy for one of the new jobs with more bells and whistles. Biggest problem is trying to get the old one out of Roomie's grip. She treats it like it was her own personal Smith & Wesson...

Posted by: Winston at 6:18 AM on 30 May 2006

Good for you! My online travelogue of the moving trip from Fairbanks to Georgia is bereft of pictures in part because I didn't have a digital at the time.

But mostly because I just didn't bother taking many pictures. But maybe that would have been different too.

My neighbor takes so many pictures with her digital camera that she fills it up and has had to ask me twice for help in downloading them so she can take more. I'm hoping the instructions I sent her last time will excuse me from having to provide any more such tech support.

You, however, are on your own from the start. ;-)

Posted by: McGehee at 11:09 AM on 30 May 2006

Well, it should be obvious that those two shots were downloaded successfully. (Twice, in fact: I loaded the camera's transfer software onto the notebook, and tested it with those two shots; and I discovered when I connected the camera to the desktop that Adobe Photoshop Elements would do the transfer for me without so much as a glance at the Panasonic disc, and what's more, it wouldn't insist on depositing them in some subterranean subdirectory twelve or thirteen strata below C: level, or worse, somewhere in Adobe's own whacked-out directory structure.)

The desktop, incidentally, has a plug-in for SD cards, so I might even be able to bypass Adobe.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:15 PM on 30 May 2006

My one-year-old 5.2MP Fuji gives me a new drive, K:, under My Computer. I didn't have to install a thing on the desktop or the laptop.

Posted by: unimpressed at 3:53 PM on 30 May 2006