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3 July 2006

The release of Dong Resin

Mr. Resin has spent much of the past two years as editor of Screenhead, one of the least-viewed of the Nick Denton/Gawker Media bloglike items, and he's saying goodbye at the end of this month:

The fact that Gawker let this go on for twenty-two months with the low ratings I pulled in while doing it says a lot about their general approach to content: itís pretty ballsy to be The Name Brand Blog Hub on the ever-competitive interweb and not mind loss-leading a little with some twit named after cock snot who tends to link to a chalk artist in Madrid like it means something.

He adds in comments:

I'm very bored of this sort of blogging, whatever I do next will go more along the lines of actually creating things rather than pointing to them. I never really intended to do the site for this long, perversely the shitty ratings made me want to keep doing it. If it had been a hit, I'd have left some time ago.

Personally, I think they should let Resin run Sploid when Ken Layne retires/is sacked/tells Denton to perform an anatomical impossibility.

Update, 6:15 pm: Not gonna happen: Denton's going to unload Sploid as well as Screenhead.

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