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3 July 2006

This goes on your Permanent Record

Remember when Brittania used to rule? Now they just collect data:

Details of all 12 million children under the age of 18 in England will be recorded soon on a database called the Children's Index. Parents have yet to grasp that professional opinions on, say, their abilities as a parent, or concerns about their children's development and health could be entered by teachers, GPs and social workers — without their knowledge or consent. Nor that the Children's Index will be linked to other databases dealing with such controversial issues as a young child's potential to become a delinquent.

The Ministry of Love: because we care.

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I followed your link to TheFatGuy the other day. Went back today for something. Was caught by the "Real programmers don't write comments" so followed that to EternityRoad ... where I read the post you just mentioned.

circle = end;

Posted by: Mel at 8:58 PM on 3 July 2006

The link loops of the Amphigoric Conspiracy -- don't forget it's your turn to bring the doughnuts tonight, Charles -- are everywhere! Breaking loose is harder than it looks.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:47 AM on 4 July 2006