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4 July 2006

No, it doesn't do MP3s

I'm enough of a throwback to appreciate this: a new cassette deck from Marantz.

The SD4051 has dual transports, variable pitch in playback, and Dolby B for noise reduction, for $320ish in Japan. No word yet on whether they're going to mail any of them to the States.

(I have two cassette machines, both from Pioneer: the CT-9R, now twenty-three years old, would cost nearly its original list price, which was $700, to bring back up to speed, and I picked up a cheapie on eBay about six years ago for $36 or so. At this writing, I have about 400 tapes; my last three cars have had tape players.)

Posted at 2:26 PM to Entirely Too Cool

My 626 has Cassette =and= CD and both factory :) That was smart thinking.

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:09 AM on 5 July 2006

By 2000, Mazda had retreated to CD-only; they had a tape player, but you had to ask for it. I did.

Gwendolyn's overwrought Bose system has both.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:28 AM on 5 July 2006