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5 July 2006

Whatever floats your bloat

Vaspers the Grate discovers Sturgeon's Law:

The blogosphere has indeed become the "bloatosphere". There are way too many irrelevant, myopic blogs. And 90% or more are pure boring nonsense, trivial chump buckets of slop.

As the blogosphere fills up with more and more worthless blogs, the overall quality and reliability of the blogosphere as a whole declines. I'll credit Seth Godin with advancing this concept about a year or more ago.

Like what happened with FM radio and TV, 55 channels of garbage or mindless mediocrity, the same old sitcoms, the same 30 songs played over and over ad nauseum.

However, I do champion the rise of individual voice against the MSM information hegemony.

Too many blogs? Yes. But I am happy to see even the boring drivel blogs keep at it, ppl expressing whatever, and the public moving more and more to the internet, with some quality, unfiltered, unedited journalism and creative writing.

Some of us glory in our slopbucketedness.

And while the rule around here is to dock five points for saying "hegemony" with a straight face, it's hard to argue with his premise, especially since elsewhere in the piece he describes MySpace as a "foul toilet."

Still, most of us who read this stuff developed filters early on: we've learned to eschew the bad and seek out the good, or at least the less bad.

Posted at 5:55 AM to Blogorrhea

Thanks for linking to poor mean old little Vaspers the Grate.

It was Seth Godin who got me going on this Devaluation of the Blogosphere thing over a year ago. I just emailed him and asked him for the post URL where he so astutely put forth this idea.

At first, I argued with him, like many are arguing against me now. But he won me over.

Good example is CB radio, or better: the telephone. I never answer it anymore, I screen it via a message machine. As telemarketers poisoned the phone, so the MySpace toilet "bloggers" and others are ruining the reputation of blogging.

Stephen Baker agreed with me that I had a point. See his comment on my blog. But now what? What are we to do? Just keep on providing quality, and attacking the slopbucket drivel and porn bloogers. Right?

Posted by: Vaspers the Grate at 9:41 AM on 5 July 2006

It's not that we glory in our Shittiness.

It's more that we acknowledge that blogs mostly suck, and while we'd like to be the exception to the rule... we know that more often than not we are just plain shitty.

Be Proud. Be Shitty!

Posted by: jeckles at 10:53 AM on 5 July 2006

Jeez, it's like these people never heard of bookmarking before, or bloglines.

What does he think we do, sit here and and poke at the mouse button at random?

Posted by: Bill Peschel at 12:16 PM on 5 July 2006

Considering my poor blogging habits of late, I was half expecting your link to those who "glory in slopbucketedness" (a fine word, by the way) would take me back home to my own slovenly site. But, here's the thing, the cream will rise and the blog world has revealed many with hidden talents and wonderful thoughts. Despite the drivel that is me, I think the blogosphere is a wonderful place. Also, while I thoroughly endorse bookmarking and bloglines, I have found a few gems by poking at the mouse button at random from time to time, too.

Posted by: Jan at 10:20 AM on 6 July 2006

Yes Bill Peschel, I think you do poke at things, at random. At least that's what your wife told me. Lighten up dude. You're way out of your league in blogocombat with Vasperization.

You cannot understand how a medium can be devalued? You must like Lite Rock 106 and all that mush that clogs the radio (thank goodness for CDs and mp3s).

Posted by: Vaspers the Grate at 8:53 PM on 7 July 2006

Bill you still "bookmark" to a "favorites" list? That's so 2004.

Posted by: Vaspers the Grate at 8:57 PM on 7 July 2006