The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 July 2006

Ken Lay lives!

Well, maybe not.

Then again:

I hate to sound coldly skeptical, but this thing looks fishy from the get-go. Thereís been no hint of ill health from Lay during the unfolding Enron scandal and his subsequent trial. Now, when heís been convicted and awaiting final sentencing in October, he checks out? Not to mention that such death announcements typically arenít made public until much later than the actual passing — often as much as a day later.

Too, too convenient?

Update, 11:40 am: Then there's this Gawker headline: Ken Lay Dead Getting Approximately Same Amount of Respect As Ken Lay Alive.

Posted at 11:29 AM to Dyssynergy

Some people are just plain nuts.

Posted by: McGehee at 1:01 PM on 6 July 2006

I hope that asshat is dead, because I want to relieve myself on his cursed grave.

But people with lots of stolen money can fake their deaths and relocate to Brazil or wherever.

And we know how factual the MSM is, right?

Posted by: Vaspers the Grate at 8:48 PM on 7 July 2006

Maybe if Ken Lay Me Down To Sleep just pretends to be dead, life will imitate art. Let's hope. I want him roasting in hell, sooner rather than later.

Posted by: Vaspers the Grate at 9:18 AM on 8 July 2006