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14 July 2006

They broke the mold

And apparently allowed it to spread throughout the building:

Major fixer with mold problem. No open houses or broker's open. Viewers required to wear respirator mask & sign hold harmless statement. Sellers say tear it down. Contractor report will be available by 7/9. The good news is that the location is convenient & in one of Marin's best school districts. Charming neighborhood of interesting homes. You can make this one fun too!

I'm not even sure I should post this, if only because I don't relish search traffic for "fun with respirator mask".

Posted at 8:41 AM to Dyssynergy

Good God, $599k for a house that's a biohazard. The California real estate market is insane.

Posted by: Rachel at 7:54 PM on 14 July 2006

Supply and demand — or at least so long as the demand side can still get financing.

$599,000 here will get you four bedrooms, four and a half baths, and four thousand square feet in an area surrounded by a six-foot fence.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:28 PM on 14 July 2006

California is unreal. Some family members bought a dinky little house for 500,000 and change and it doesn't even have air conditioning.

Posted by: Miriam at 9:27 PM on 14 July 2006

One of these days, someone from one of the coasts will visit here (well, okay, she has, but she's not much interested in real estate), and will be utterly mystified that a cozy little place like mine doesn't cost six figures.

And then it will be noted that it's July and it's a hundred and three in the shade and no further questions will be asked.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:50 PM on 14 July 2006

600k in Oklahoma will get you that space with all the upgrades, high-end fixtures, appliances, whirlpool, and pool. Brand new.

Posted by: Dan at 10:29 PM on 14 July 2006