The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

15 July 2006

It's your song

There has been no shortage of "personalized" songs over the years; think "greeting card with audio" and you'll get the idea.

Now think beyond that. Starting Wednesday, 500 different versions of Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair" will be available for download, and if your name isn't one of the five hundred listed, you can still request it, and a custom version will be prepared. (Allow a couple of weeks.)

As noted elsewhere, this should break the old record for most variations of a single, um, single, held by Tommy Facenda's 1959 "High School USA," recorded in 30 different versions, 29 of them name-checking a different area's high schools. (Yes, there was one for Oklahoma.)

Disclosure: I own one Jessica Simpson record: "I Wanna Love You Forever," her debut single from 1999. It is, shall we say, Not Awful.

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