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23 July 2006

Post-unpacking delight

When you move, you hope you're going to a far, far better place than the one you're vacating. I know I did. And Wendy seems pleased with her new digs:

Here is a list of totally mundane things we have in our new place that I did not have the pleasure of experiencing in my old building, and, in a few cases, my entire adult life thus far:
  • Garage space.
  • A bathroom exhaust fan.
  • An open-air back porch.
  • One of those sprayer thingies in the kitchen sink.
  • Three-prong receptacles in every outlet.
  • Water pressure. No, really.
  • Enough room to comfortably walk around the bed.
  • Basement storage that is clean and dry and well-lit and does not appear to have been dug out by Jame Gumb.
  • A laundry room that can be reached without having to go outside and through the alley.
  • Lights in the (get this!) CLOSETS.

See how easy to please I am? I know this might sound totally absurd to those of you who live in suburban areas and/or newer buildings, where everyone has central air, and remote-control windows, and wet bars in every cathedral-ceilinged walk-in-closet. But for the city, and for an older building, what we have is pretty good.

"The city," in her case, is Chicago, and it does sound pretty good. (I don't have a bathroom exhaust fan, probably because of the dearth of electrical lines in the bath; there's not even an outlet to charge my Sonicare.)

And I remember going through this, too:

Right now, we’re at the point where almost everything with a power cord is plugged in where it needs to be, and all the electronic displays are sentient and unblinking. However we keep buying power strips, which baffles me. I mean, X is the number of things we need to plug in and Y is the number of available wall outlets, and in the course of changing apartments, X remains constant, at least for now, and Y, thank God, has increased, AND YET, this means that Z, the number of power strips we need, somehow increases as well. I mean, first the logic was: if X > Y, then Z, right? So why is it now X ≤ Y+Z = EVEN MORE FUCKING Z?

It must be related to the way coat hangers multiply in the closet — unless, of course, you actually need more of them.

Posted at 2:18 PM to Almost Yogurt

My new place is better than my old place too. Except the phone jacks are in the weirdest places.

Posted by: sya at 2:40 PM on 24 July 2006

My phone jacks seem sanely placed, except for the lack of an actual kitchen jack; what weirded me out was the fact that every room has a switched outlet, and it was never the outlet I would prefer to have switched.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:50 PM on 24 July 2006