The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 July 2006

Strange search-engine queries (25 or 6 to 4)

So named because I get frequent requests for the meaning of that particular Chicago title. (The answer is here.) Meanwhile, the following have been accumulating in the referrer logs:

mbna and chase are the same:  Um, no, they're not. MBNA and Bank of America are the same. The determination of individual degrees of suckage is left as an exercise for the student.

"mary fallin" topless:  I assume both point to the right.

"you have breasts" traduction:  "Haminahamina" works in most Western languages.

do men really expect women to get a bikini wax:  I don't even expect them to call.

does mitsubishi galant have problems with racket pin steering:  If it's making a racket, you've got problems.

"deborah gibson" was reported to receive playboy:  Wasn't it enough that they paid her to pose?

nice ASCII:  Er, uh, thanks.

wolverine urine:  Keeps squirrels and similar pests away. (Frighteningly, I am #1 in this search.)

penis monologue:  Little prick never would shut up.

george steinbrenner darth vader:  Steinbrenner is the one who doesn't sound like James Earl Jones.

monorchidism hitler:  Himmler is somewhat similar.

rosario dawson's cans:  Kept on a tidy shelf.

what did noah do with the woodpeckers:  Regrettably, he didn't feed them the mosquitoes.

"mr. right" "how soon do you know":  Usually when it's too late.

gorgeous tall women unclothed:  If I knew any, I wouldn't have time to post this, would I?

positive id required ok to deposit rebate check in the atm:  Absolutely. Hold up your driver's license to the glass.

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