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4 August 2006

Sonic boosters

A report from the first meeting of Seattle's Save Our Sonics movement:

[The Regional Council] had 4 guest speakers talking about the economic impact of all 3 major sports teams in the region ... A consulting firm estimated the direct economic impact (including inter related jobs and additional sales) of the Sonics and Storm in 2004 was $160 mil and about $234 mil statewide compared to $177.4 and $270 mil respectively for the Mariners and $147.7 and $218 mil for the Seahawks. That's a pretty far cry from Nick Licata's estimate to Sports Illustrated earlier in the year.

Licata, president of the Seattle City Council, figured it as "zero cultural value," though he later backpedaled somewhat.

I mention this because I believe that, contrary to conventional wisdom, it is possible to make a case for the Sonics (and the Storm) staying in Seattle, and because I don't think The Move is necessarily a done deal until the moving vans actually show up. And anything can happen: down Oregon way, Paul Allen has decided that he doesn't want to sell the TrailBlazers after all. Does this mean he's contemplating a theoretical vacancy in Seattle? Maybe, maybe not.

And I suspect the NBA might be slightly uneasy about these matters, because the Sonics won't be playing in Oklahoma City this season until April, in game 75. (They'll come to New Orleans in February; the Hornets will visit KeyArena twice during December.)

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