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10 August 2006

File under "WTF?"

I have defended's Zestimates in the past, but I'm thinking maybe they've finally gone off the deep end after all. My semi-regular once-every-three-weeks search on my own house produced this implausible statistic:

1 week change: + $20,329

In one week? Does this look like the freaking San Francisco Bay Area?

I was sufficiently alarmed to pull up the County Assessor's listings. They haven't changed. The only thing I can conclude is that some poor souls overpaid for housing stock in this neck of the woods and all the comps were dragged up commensurately.

We'll see how long this number lasts: $117,695. I give it a week.

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If you live in the OKC metro, have a giggle and put your address in at for analysis. Zillow's estimates have always looked good when I compared them to neighborhood sales. Until today. Zillow reports that in the last week, ......[read more]


Mine a few blocks from yours came in at an increase of $23,566 to $138k .... and my neighbor at $178k (NO FREAKIN WAY)... something wacky is up


Posted by: Ron at 7:35 AM on 10 August 2006

Mine is one week change of $19,215 up to $115,831.

If anybody wants to give me that for this right now they can have it :) As it sits :) My guess is the answer will be a resounding "no fricking way".

Posted by: ms7168 at 10:08 AM on 10 August 2006

Sell quick! :)

Posted by: unimpressed at 2:41 PM on 10 August 2006

There's a bug in the matrix. This anomaly extends all the way to Edmond, I'm afraid.

1 week change: +$24,658 which puts our house's value at $11,000 above the highest comp (actual recent sale price) in the neighborhood. That house is slightly larger and 12 years younger.

Posted by: Dan at 4:32 PM on 11 August 2006

I tried an address in Cleveland County (in Rivendell, yet: 12108 Rohan Road), and they declined to offer a Zestimate: "County transactional data for this home is insufficient." They did, however, quote a Market Assessed Value, which seems to be derived directly from the property tax.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:35 PM on 11 August 2006