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12 August 2006

Storm patterns

I've put out a handful of pieces on the Sonics and the possibility that they may wind up here in Soonerland. It might be well to remember, though, that Seattle has two professional basketball teams, and while the city leaders may disagree on the cultural importance of the Sonics, there's one distinct market that's drawn to the WNBA's Storm:

Since the rumors and eventual sale of the Sonics and Storm began, I've had one thought about what it would mean to lose the Storm in particular:

Seattle's lesbian community would be devastated. Bayou and I have attended several games in the past, and two within the last month. Both times, I looked around, and thought: "Wow, I can’t believe how many lesbians are here."

Everywhere, wall-to-wall dykes, couples, femmes, singles, sports dykes, families with one or more kidlets, goth riot grrrls. It was an absolutely diverse microcosm of gay women and their loved ones. And judging by this article, I am not the only one who’s noticed this phenomenon.

From said article:

[I]t's all so ordinary. A Storm game isn’t some political gay confab, civil-rights rally, must-be-Pride-Month thing — events that get sidelined as "alternative" or worse. Storm games are social shindigs, community gatherings and business-networking affairs.

They’re as much a fixture of the city's lesbian community as they are a destination for straight people. And at a time when the future of the Storm, and the Seattle Sonics, remains uncertain, it's worth exploring the significance of the games and who they're meaningful to.

And it's worth mentioning them to Clay Bennett next time he holds a press conference in Seattle, I should think.

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Maybe someone should also mention it to Dr. Coburn.

Posted by: Brett at 8:37 PM on 12 August 2006

Chaz, I agree Clay Bennett should hear that. Maybe I can find a way to email. Ms. Davlia's article to him. I cannot stress enough how sad I and so many others would be should the Storm leave.

The Storm is so ordinary, as Davila says- so very normal, non-controversial. Everyone there loves the game, and love those players. Really loves them. Losing that... well, there's just no calculating it.

Thank you, as always, for the link.

Posted by: Lachlan at 9:22 PM on 12 August 2006