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13 August 2006

Being given the Randaround

Seen at OkCupid:

So a few days ago, somewhere on the internet (I'm simply too lazy to go find where) someone commented on a journal post that Ayn Rand was being pretentious for spelling her name with a "y" in the middle, like she was some kind of Mary-Sue named Krystyna.

Being slightly less lazy, I went looking, and came up with this:

I will call her "Ann" until my dying day, because it's a real name (and because I have a mental block against using the correct one), and it annoys the snot out of me when pretentious college boys correct me all the time. I mean, even she admits that she sort of made it up! In a letter to a fan in 1937, she said this, "Your letter inquiring about the origin of my name has been forwarded to me. In answer to your question, I must say that 'Ayn' is both a real name and an invention. The original of it is a Finnish feminine name.... Its pronunciation, spelled phonetically, would be: 'I-na.' I do not know what its correct spelling should be in English, but I chose to make it 'Ayn,' eliminating the final 'a.' I pronounce it as the letter 'I' with an 'n' added to it." And her birth name? Was Alisa. What's wrong with that? I can pronounce that correctly!

Of course, this is crossposted over there as well.

Posted at 1:23 PM to Bogus History

I have read a lot of online dating profiles and I must say, yours is one of the best. :-)

PS I always preferred the sound of Ann Rand to Ayn Rand. It glides off the tongue easier.

Posted by: Donna at 8:48 AM on 14 August 2006

I have read a lot of online dating profiles and I must say, yours is one of the best.

Not to mention "least effective."

Posted by: CGHill at 10:16 AM on 14 August 2006

Look at the bright side: can you imagine what Ayn Rand's dating profile would have been like? And/or what a surprise would have been in store for anyone who grabbed the bait?!

Posted by: anne at 10:27 PM on 14 August 2006

I can, and I find the prospect simultaneously daunting and amusing.

I am working on a piece about a truly spectacular dating manifesto I've seen; I hope to have it up later today.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:09 AM on 15 August 2006

Did you ever write the piece on the "spectacular dating manifesto"? Did I miss it?

Posted by: anne at 9:45 AM on 20 August 2006

It ran on the 15th, somewhere around here.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:17 AM on 20 August 2006