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16 August 2006

Insert coins, no change returned

Jay brings up this chart of major business/economics blogs and their relative influence. In terms of daily visitors, the top such blog is Marginal Revolution, which is the USA Today of bizblogs, in that USA Today is the national newspaper-circulation leader. (No other comparison is made or should be implied. You buy the premise, you buy the bit.) The remainder of the chart places other bizblogs below MR, and based on their traffic compared to MR's, they are matched to a corresponding newspaper. For instance, QandO, with about half the traffic, is paired to a newspaper with half the circulation: the Los Angeles Times.

On this basis, I figured I'd fall somewhere around the level of the Sulphur Times-Democrat in relative clout. But, says Brian Gongol, who compiled this data presumably right off people's Site Meters and such, Marginal Revolution pulls 8307 daily visits, yielding 14370 page views. My own current numbers are 861 and 1194; taking the less-flattering of the two, I get 8.309 percent of the traffic enjoyed (I assume he enjoys it) by Tyler Cowen. Now: what newspaper has 8.309 percent of the circulation of USA Today?

ABC numbers for the period ending 31 March 2006 put USA Today at 2,528,437 copies daily. Doing the math, I wind up at 210,087, which is good for a top-100 finish: behind Investor's Business Daily, number 64, but ahead of two New Jersey papers, the Record in Hackensack and the Asbury Park Press. (I have some problems with the rankings as given here, since papers under a JOA, like the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer, are cited as the total of the two; if they deobfuscated the numbers for these pairs, I'd be between zero and three notches lower.)

If I go by visitors, I'm at 10.365 percent of Cowen's; this puts me at 262,066, splitting the difference between the San Jose Mercury News (48th) and the St. Paul Pioneer Press (49th).

Of course, this is just a statistical exercise, valid only for the days for which visitor counts were made available, and ultimately signifying nothing. In terms of Genuine Reader Influence, I probably rank below the Sulphur Times-Democrat (circulation figures not available).

Posted at 8:08 AM to Blogorrhea

Though you may rank below the Sulphur Times-Democrat in influence, surely you don't smell as bad.

Posted by: MikeH at 9:30 AM on 16 August 2006

Huh. Apparently I'm in the vicinity of the Staten Island Advance.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:02 AM on 16 August 2006