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18 August 2006

We're all OK

In case you thought you were the only one who noticed:

Seriously, what is it about Oklahoma that there are so many, and such interesting, blogs?! I check these three daily as I'm sure many people do (dustbury, numskullery, sweet familiar dissonance) and finally realized that they're all Oklahomans. Sheesh, is there something in the water? the air? the soil??

It's a hundred and five outside. No wonder we're at our keyboards, our tumblers of [fill in name of preferred libation] at our sides, our tongues loosened just enough to tell you things like this.

(Were this January, amend the first sentence to "It's twenty-seven and drizzling outside.")

Posted at 7:48 PM to Blogorrhea , Soonerland

I'll have to check out those other sites. I had no idea Sooners had a special affinity for blogdom. One does live and learn.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:14 AM on 19 August 2006

Francis, wait til you see! And I'm sure there are more.

Posted by: anne at 9:01 AM on 19 August 2006

We all must have the same idea of what to do when the temp reaches triple digits.... As for me I'd rather be fishing if we had any water left.
Have a good day!

Posted by: Jim at 9:47 AM on 19 August 2006