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21 August 2006

Strange search-engine queries (29)

Sooner or later, something you search for will bring you here. After all, you're not looking for anything weirder than these folks:

delusional women dating:  They're not dating me, so they can't be too delusional.

fairy envoy seat covers:  Who knew that GMC had dealers in the Land of Faerie?

google wayne walters okla senate:  What's funny about this is that "google" is a search term — and the search was sent through MSN.

industrial spray gun melts pewter, zinc instantly:  How well would it work against snakes on a plane?

definition geezer offensive:  No, it isn't. Now get the hell off my lawn, you young punk.

Allen Iverson Sixty Thousand Dollar Shoes:  If he buys one pair, does he get the second for half price?

"women who wear glasses" nearsighted:  Some of them, surely.

seattle goth lesbians:  Some of them, surely.

animaniacs fetish:  Yeah, that Minerva Mink is hot.

repressing sexual desires:  This isn't particularly amusing, but I found it a bit odd that I should be in the top 20 results.

walgreens call center in okc closing?  Actually, it's been sold to United Health Group. (Story here.)

switch bodies with jessica simpson:  Oddly, no one wants to swap brains with her.

why do I receive so much spam from unsavory sources?  Who else would send it?

"invisible woman" fantasy giggled:  Never actually seen one, you know, but I can imagine why she might want to giggle.

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