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26 August 2006

All things to everyone? Run, run away

It's hard to disagree with this Lileks perspective on successful bloggage:

If you are very serious about arts criticism, for example, people will come to that. They won't expect laughs, but they will come to that. And if you are hilarious about one aspect of the world and that's all you write about, people will go to that. But if it's just a grim slog everyday to read your acidic sharp little misery about something on the subway, you are going to lose them.

Note to self: Stay off the train.

At the time, Lileks was talking to BBC Radio 4's Mark Savage, who perhaps wasn't sure what he was getting into with this Descent into the Blogosphere™. Quoth he:

I was flying through the airport at Washington when an airport security worker stopped me. The microphone, tape recorder and all the wires in my bag obviously attracted her attention. She asked what they were for, so I explained that I was making a radio series about bloggers.

She pulled a face. There is a perception that bloggers are sad, joyless people in their underwear who sit in front of their computers all day.

Surely not all day. And, well, I don't think I've ever posted anything in my underwear. (The Instant Man admits to one out of three: he is in front of the computer all day, just as some of us suspected.)

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A train-misery blog :

Posted by: adele at 11:43 AM on 27 August 2006

A grim slog indeed.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:59 AM on 27 August 2006

I'll admit to blogging in my underwear.

AND I have sat in front of my computer all day...though usually not blogging the WHOLE time (except for, you know, the Blogathon).

I am sad and joyless once in awhile.

Oh dear.

Posted by: aka_monty at 9:37 PM on 27 August 2006

Honestly, you won't find me blogging without my underwear! Doesn't everyone wear underwear when they blog? Oh dear.

Posted by: Jan at 10:09 PM on 28 August 2006