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29 August 2006

Out in the noonday sun?

A survey by the UK real-estate site suggests that the Brits are doffing their duds at a startling rate: nearly 20 percent report having gone outside starkers, and as many claim to have spotted their neighbors doing likewise.

Even more remarkable, 50 percent said they had no particular issues with moving in next door to someone who went about in the altogether, and a further 34 percent said they had no problem so long as they didn't have to look at anything. Eighty-four percent for whom it's not a dealbreaker! By contrast, forty to fifty percent said they'd reject a home if the neighbors were boisterous or loudly argumentative. (I suppose the worst of both worlds would be, um, nude party animals.) *

I would love to see a comparable survey done here in the colonies, though I suspect we're a lot more reserved than the Mother Country.

(Found here.)

* This is not — repeat, not — intended as a setup for "Strange Search-Engine Requests".

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