Are we being zoomed?

It’s downright hot on the Freeway of Love:

Soul queen Aretha Franklin has joined Madonna and Alanis Morissette in forcing fans to break a sweat at her concerts — because of her gripping fear of air conditioning.

The “Respect” singer left a legion of celebrity fans including Christie Brinkley and Rosie Perez in a sweat at her New York concert last weekend. According to the New York Post, the singer turned up the heat in the middle of steaming summer, prompted by fears the coolant would destroy her sultry voice.

I can understand this if she’s had throat issues recently: air conditioning, after all, removes moisture from the air, and if you’re dry and scratchy before, you’re going to be drier and scratchier afterwards.

But “coolant” in the air? This sounds like a major mechanical malfunction to me.

(Via Fark.)

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