Strange search-engine queries (214)

Time once more to sort through a week’s worth of Googlers and Bingers and whatever and find something, anything, to make Monday morning bearable.

“verb that noun”:  What the adjective noun are you verbing about?

“can i just remind you to bite me”:  Maybe, but you really should work up a calendar entry, just in case.

how many demerit points lost if you crowd the driver’s seat:  It varies. Did you also crowd the examiner’s seat?

there’s a spammer on your aim:  Let’s say he makes a credible target.

oklahoma city roman numerals downtown:  Your best bet will be somewhere south of VIth Street.

sarcastic wit vs clown wit:  You need them both. Otherwise, you’re just a half-wit.

I want to webcam chat with naked grownups:  Sure you do, Mr. Special Agent, sir.

Avon’s Marketing Strategy compared to ESPN’s:  Forever apart, unless someone develops a beer that contains moisturizer.

bud light urea:  Well, at least it isn’t moisturizer.

vedio white lady faulking in the pool:  Some of us don’t tolerate faulks like that.

“newspaper dress” “saint paul”:  Be sure to Pioneer Press before wearing.

charles hill okc suicide:  Why doesn’t anybody tell me these things?

“amputee whore”:  You’ve really got to hand it to her, so to speak.

Obligatory Rule 34 item: classic bulb enema pictures.

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  1. LeeAnn »

    8 March 2010 · 7:19 am

    And I actually did use the term “amputee whore” in a past post. But you and I look so very much alike, I can see the problem.

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