Aetna sunshine when he’s gone

Could this all be “a giant mind-frak”? Smitty entertains the possibility:

Say that BHO, surveying the wreckage of the steaming pile of manure delivered to his desk, decrees that it is too contentious, too perilous, and that Reid and Pelosi have done what they could, but that the legislation simply wasn’t up to signing standards.

Well, he’d be right.

Then again, true steaming piles tend to be fairly contiguous and easily identifiable, which would seem to argue against the term “wreckage.”

Given that some are already calling for impeachment, I’d say this is a non-zero possibility.

I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that vote.


  1. paulsmos »

    20 March 2010 · 6:16 am

    the opponents rail, “this is a bag of shit” and the chorus heard throughout the land “I know…I know…I know…I know…

  2. Cheney W. Halliburton »

    20 March 2010 · 8:52 am

    The House could impeach a hypothetical President Satan and the Senate would never convict him — even if 99 of the Senators were of the opposite party from the President.

  3. smitty »

    26 March 2010 · 11:17 pm

    I certainly proved the wishful thinker, no?

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    27 March 2010 · 4:07 pm

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