Insuring your future insurability

If you still want good health-care coverage when all is said and done, Jennifer has some career advice for you:

[B]ecome a drug dealer undocumented pharmacist. That way your income will be off the books. The investment in your home business won’t qualify for the additional tax. And it can be assumed that you aren’t selling major brand pharmaceuticals. Just don’t expect your *ahem* employees to have a tan.

This is probably more open a field than you think, since the current trend is to outlaw anything you might actually like, inevitably resulting in the demand for more, um, distributors.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    1 April 2010 · 11:46 am

    I’ve vaguely contemplated – in my End of the World imaginings – if it’s possible for a person to learn how to homebrew penicillin or other antibiotics.

    Surely, the Morlocks (or whoever took over the world) would let me live if I could cure their bacterial infections?

    Though it’s probably more practical, considering the way legislation seems to be going, for me to figure out how to grow sugarcane and extract that white gold. (Didn’t Homer Simpson once run his own sugar cartel? “First you get the sugar, then you get the power…”?)

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