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Yours truly, about a month ago:

One bank around town (and most towns in this state, I surmise) offers a forced-savings deal: use your debit card or pay a bill with their online gizmo, and they’ll bump a quarter or two out of your checking account into savings. They’ll even match some of it (all of it for 90 days, then 5 percent). This won’t make anyone rich, but it helps out with the Pay Yourself First premise.

I mentioned this, among other reasons, because I was setting up accounts at said bank; I opted for the 50-cent version of the program. So far, it’s set aside $9 for me, not counting accrued interest (which is as close to nothing as imaginable these days) or the eventual bank match. Again, this is no way to get rich, but my previous version of forced savings — once the jar is full of pennies, take it to the machine — seldom netted me $9 in a whole year.


  1. Joan of Argghh! »

    1 April 2010 · 6:41 pm

    I have the option of every purchase made with the debit card rounding up to the dollar point. With the matching $20 I got, it made for 150 bucks saved that otherwise would have gone with the wind.

  2. CGHill »

    1 April 2010 · 7:19 pm

    I’ve seen that at one of the Big Huge Banks around town. (Probably the same one, since they have a national footprint.) Might have gone for it, were it not for my desire to get down to a Smaller, Or At Least Less Huge Bank.

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