Witless protection pogrom

Lifted intact from Tim Blair:

July 2009, England:
Prisoners on the run from Holleseley Bay prison cannot be identified because it would breach their rights to privacy, the Ministry of Justice has said. Civil servants have refused to name inmates who have fled prison …

April 2010, Australia:
Police and immigration officials are searching for a man who escaped immigration detention while on an excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium last week.

[A Department of Immigration and Citizenship] spokesman, who declined to be named, would not confirm details of the man’s nationality or the reason he had been detained, citing privacy reasons and said he could not give a description of the wanted man.

Steve Lackmeyer, earlier this week:

I’ve been at The Oklahoman for 20 years. I’ve seen elected officials bought and paid for, I’ve seen state employees misspend thousands of dollars on their purchase cards on personal shopping sprees, I’ve seen DHS workers abuse the faith placed in them to protect the downtrodden, I’ve seen folks in higher ed forget whose money they are spending.

So, do you want to know if DHS workers have criminal backgrounds? Do you want to know if employees driving state vehicles have DUI records? Do you want to know if state employees trusted with overseeing the expenditure of public funds have been convicted of fraud or financial malfeasance?

Good Lord, Steve. Don’t you have any respect for these people’s privacy?


  1. Jeffro »

    3 April 2010 · 1:11 pm

    What? Accountability for those who work for us? Perish the thought.

  2. Steve Lackmeyer »

    4 April 2010 · 11:47 am

    Yes, apparently the Oklahoma Public Employees Association has no problem with the state selling this data. They’ve got no problem with politicians getting this data. And it’s quite ironic that the union has been given special access to even more personal data (home addresses) than what’s being sought by The Oklahoman. But if The Oklahoman and Tulsa World want this data to watchdog government operations and find out how YOUR money is being spent, well, that’s a “witch hunt”!
    If you want to see how I’ve used such data in the past, see my latest post at http://www.okccentral.com, where I’ve got some 2005 stories about troopers dining out at Ruth’s Chris on YOUR DIME and other goodies.

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