Slingshot at the ready

Nothing puts the fear of God, or at least David, into an Amazon Marketplace seller quite like the threat of bad feedback:

I ordered an item from one of the Amazon Marketplace shops about a month ago. It never arrived. Seems UPS couldn’t find our house. Now, we’ve had the same address for a number of years and received innumerable packages from Amazon including those delivered by UPS. I started sending emails to the seller. No response. Nothing. Not even a thank you for your inquiry roboresponse. I finally read through the Amazon process for filing a complaint. I filled out the form, noting the problem and the lack of response from the company. Within 12 hours I had not only 2 emails but a live person on my voicemail. They are sending out my package today. The fear of a bad rating on Amazon to be read by the rest of the Davids seems to have worked wonders.

I’ve never had any issues with Amazon sellers — or, remarkably, with eBay sellers either — but it’s something of a comfort to know that going through channels might actually work.

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  1. Brian J. »

    5 April 2010 · 8:07 pm

    I left a neutral feedback on an eBay seller who sold me a wrinkled and waterstained magazine and was rewarded with a negative, invective- and exclamation-laden response.

    So I relied on the eBay standoff method afterwards: never be the first to leave feedback.

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