Duggery, skullwise

The professor has an unscheduled encounter with a student:

I came back 20 minutes before lab today — to put some notes on the board and generally get ready — and caught one of my students, Leatherman tool in hand, trying to PICK THE LOCK to get into the classroom.

Seriously, I think I blurted out, “On what planet do you think this is appropriate?”

He claimed to be “impatient” but dangit — *I’M* impatient and even I wouldn’t try a stunt like that. Go for a walk or something. Or study. Or something.

“Hello, Professor? This is [name]. Is there any chance the lab is going to be open early? I have some stuff I need to tend to.”

Now really, how hard is that?

Unless, of course, he had, um, Other Reasons.

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