Not so Hy

“How glad I am,” Nancy Wilson used to sing, though it wasn’t about this:

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd said on Wednesday it won U.S. approval for its generic versions of Merck & Co’s blockbuster blood-pressure drugs Cozaar and Hyzaar.

Teva, the world’s biggest generic drugmaker, also said it will have 180 days to market the generics exclusively, an award generally given to companies that challenge patents first. Israel-based Teva said it was launching sales immediately.

I can feel my blood pressure dropping slightly just from the potential for lower wallet strain.


  1. Joseph Hertzlinger »

    11 April 2010 · 12:33 am

    Diuretics are definitely good for the cardio-vascular system. All that walking to the bathroom provides needed exercise.

  2. CGHill »

    11 April 2010 · 11:05 am

    Well, only one of those two drugs is properly a diuretic, but that’s the one I get prescribed.

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