Three thirty three

Every Saturday, the Oklahoman prints a list of recently-issued city building permits, in descending order of cost. Down at the far end, you see storage buildings and storm shelters and such and price tags in the $1000-$3000 range.

By the time I’d gotten there, though, my eyes were bugging out from the very first entry, which reads, prosaically, “Flintco Inc., 333 W Sheridan Ave., office, $380,743,000.” The person who transcribes these was helpful enough to note parenthetically, “Devon tower.”

Which answers one of my questions, anyway:

I’m still wondering if there‚Äôs a street address assigned to the Tower. Wikipedia says 280 West Sheridan, but that can’t be right: that would put it on top of the north end of the Myriad Botanical Gardens. 289 or 301 or 333, I’d believe.

So 333 it is, apparently.

Cue Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters:

Good times, cheap wine
Young chicks, so fine
Ain’t no better place to be
Than rockin’ and rollin’ in Three Thirty Three.

I am reasonably certain this is not what Devon had in mind.

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  1. Steve Lackmeyer »

    1 May 2010 · 9:39 pm

    When Richard Mize, our real estate editor first saw this permit, he emailed me asking if it’s Devon Tower. My response?
    “It’d better be. Otherwise we’ve missed one hell of a scoop”

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