Reckless linking

I got a note from Flickr to the effect that Mazda USA had added me as a contact, which struck me as exceedingly odd, since I don’t currently drive a Mazda. I’ve owned two of them, and I wouldn’t mind having another one — a five-door Mazda3, and not necessarily a Mazdaspeed version, looks rather appealing these days, apart from its doofus grin, which I can’t see from the driver’s seat anyway — but my current status as Nissan not-quite-fanboy would seem to argue against this sort of thing.

Then it occurred to me that they were simply looking for “Mazda” tags all over Flickr, in which case they’d surely have found this picture of The Wreck.

Since I’d presumably still be driving that Mazda had it not been for The Wreck, I figure there are worse things to be linked for.

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