Not quite the Whole story

It’s been a couple of years now since people started wondering when Whole Foods would locate a store in Oklahoma City. A few of us in the Scoff-of-the-Month Club doubted any such thing was in the works, though I did mention the subject last year and pointed to Blair Humphreys’ complaint that the store would probably locate on the Classen Curve, a location he considered suboptimal.

WF is not yet confirming the location, or even the opening date, though the summer of ’11 has been hinted at. The Oklahoman’s Steve Lackmeyer is pretty sure that the store will be on the Classen Curve. One thing, though, has changed since my last post. Back then, I said:

Classen Curve is a downer only if you had your heart set on seeing it downtown, in which case you were dreaming. Besides, the closest competing grocer would be a Walmart Supercenter, and nobody worries if the Lamborghini showroom is too close to a Kia dealership.

Norman’s famed Forward Foods now has an OKC location, at 51st and Western — within a mile of almost any point on the Classen Curve. Walmart may be a hair closer geographically, but it’s a world away.

All (well, most) should be made clear next Wednesday, when presumably the gory details will appear in WFMI’s earnings report.


  1. Tom »

    6 May 2010 · 5:00 pm

    The nearest grocer to Classen Curve may be Crescent Market in Nichols Hills Plaza (not Wal-Mart in Belle Isle), but the Crescent may not meet the definition of your qualifier, “competing.”

  2. CGHill »

    6 May 2010 · 5:07 pm

    I agonized over that for a few minutes, because Forward Foods isn’t all that big either. Ultimately, I left things as they were on the arguable basis that with all the Chesapeaking going on in the general vicinity of that corner of Nichols Hills, Crescent Market might actually have to move in the next few years. This is a gut feeling, nothing more, so feel free to distrust it.

  3. Brett »

    7 May 2010 · 12:51 am

    Eh, the day I drive from Newcastle to Oklahoma City to go to a grocery store is the day Angie Harmon divorces Jason Sehorn and starts working there as a checkout lady…

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