I resisted as long as I could

But with 90 degrees outside and pushing 80 inside, I decided I’d go ahead and crank up the A/C. This is, I note, about three and a half weeks later than usual; it helps that the weather has been (relatively) cooperative.

Tomorrow, a cold front arrives; Monday, if not earlier, they’ll read the electric meter. I figure I’ve done my best.


  1. David »

    6 May 2010 · 5:36 pm

    I am even MORE grateful now than I was before for our wintry weather here in Montana this week :-)

  2. CGHill »

    6 May 2010 · 5:51 pm

    You’re welcome to it. After Christmas Eve, on which we had a record snowfall, I’m happy not to see anything white on the ground. (Then again, I have a cottonwood tree, so I think I’ll shut up here.)

  3. fillyjonk »

    6 May 2010 · 9:47 pm

    You win, by a few days. Damned asthma. Damned humidity. Damned poison ivy rash that made me itch at night and feel warmer than I actually was. I’m not looking forward to this summer’s O G and E bills.

  4. CGHill »

    6 May 2010 · 9:58 pm

    The humidity has indeed been on the high side of late: the dew point hung around 60 all day, which made things feel even worse. (“Sticky” approaches, but does not actually hit, the mark.)

    I’m wondering if it’s worth the bother to request an averaged bill. (I run $60 or so in the winter, about double that in the summer.)

  5. Charles Pergiel »

    7 May 2010 · 12:54 am

    How do you know it’s three & half weeks later than usual? How can you possibly know when usual is? I’m pretty sure we have summer every year, but that’s only because I am constantly reminded.

  6. CGHill »

    7 May 2010 · 7:06 am

    How could I not know the first day of air conditioning? It’s not like a force of nature that suddenly appears at random; I go to the wall where the Eye of Sauron thermostat lives, and flick a switch.

  7. ms7168 »

    9 May 2010 · 8:51 pm

    Well let’s hope what happened to me doesn’t happen to you! I have an auto changeover thermostat that flips the system from heat to cool as needed and runs it. The other day I heard it kick the air on so I was waiting for the cold air and none came :( I started checking things out and the thermostat was calling for cool and the outside unit was running but the furnace was not :( So I called and they came and the verdict was I could either pay $1,250 to fix the furnace or $2,000 for a new one. And he predicted that if I fixed it I would be hampered with further breakdowns and problems so I got the new one. He couldn’t install it until the next day though so I had to deal with it being 87 inside and it didn’t cool off much that night either until around 5 or 6am. When they appeared at 8am with the new furnace there was a strong north breeze and it was around 50.

  8. CGHill »

    9 May 2010 · 9:39 pm

    I had my fun with the climate control last summer. On a Sunday when it got up to 105, as I recall.

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