Cullen from the spam filter

This bit of boilerplate was left on another site I run, by someone assuming the name “Robert Pattinson.” I’m assuming it’s shown up elsewhere, given its lack of specificity:

lol one or two of the reviews most people write make me laugh, many times over i ponder if they realistically read the pieces and content before writing a comment or whether they pretty much skim the title of the post and write the very first thought that drifts into their minds. anyways, it is actually useful to read through intelligent commentary every now and then in contrast to the same, traditional blog vomit that i mostly observe on the net

In my capacity as an Ur-blogger, I am compelled to point out here that to the extent that blog vomit is a tradition, I’ve done my part to make it so.

If you’re curious, this was the post for which that comment was intended.

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  1. John Salmon »

    15 May 2010 · 10:26 am

    See here-no false modesty-nobody does what you do here.

    Either this blog is the best, or I have really crappy taste. God knows how many thousands of times I’ve clicked over here the last five years or so.

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