What’s all this brewhaha?

Why, it’s Stacy McCain, explaining the principles of product placement:

While you’re reading this blog, by the way, be sure to enjoy a cold refreshing Corona Extra™ beer.

As my blogger friends know, I don’t actually drink beer, but I always make a point of having a delicious Corona beer in my hand when I’m photographed at a party, because I’m trying to get a product-placement deal with the Mexican beer cartel.

So far, I have not been able to persuade the manufacturers of Corona that making me their officially sponsored right-wing blogger would be good for business, and Anheuser-Busch also nixed my pitch, which is why I stopped drinking pretending to drink Budweiser.

Some readers may be asking themselves, “Is it legal for Stacy to pimp himself out to advertisers so shamelessly? Couldn’t he be arrested for that?”

Not to worry, dear readers. I have consulted the nation’s finest legal mind, Professor Glenn Reynolds, who informs me that I am perfectly within my rights.

Heh. Indeed.®

(Another three point eight cents for the Instant Man. I hope the FTC is happy.)

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