It’s an ’09 Fugmobile

As Heather and Jessica would say, “Fugly is the new pretty,” and the world’s automakers have come up with some really, um, pretty cars over the years, to the extent that the Booth Babe, having sampled some opinions on Twitter, is now compiling a list of automotive excrescences at TTAC, including such atrocities as the SsangYong Rodius, which, quite apart from being named “SsangYong” — not to mention “Rodius,” which rhymes with “odious” — was described by Top Gear Magazine as looking “like it got bottled in a pub brawl and stitched back together by a blind man.”

By comparison, the nomination I tweeted to the Babe was relatively mild: the 1950s Nashes, “with the ridiculous skirted front-wheel openings that made for humongous turning circles.”

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  1. Do You Come with the Car »

    23 May 2010 · 1:43 pm

    Boo, I didn’t see your Tweet : (

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