In lieu of 5-mph bumpers

If you’re constantly banging your shins into the furniture — and only if you’re constantly banging your shins into the furniture — you might be able to get away with this:

Leg Fancies

Then again, a commenter at Rose-Kim Knits grasped a wholly-different concept for this, um, garment:

So if you’re costuming a production of Twelfth Night, you’ve got Malvolio’s cross-garters right here. Wear them over yellow tights, and he’s set to be the butt of ridicule.

(Fillyjonk sent me this link, knowing it would peg my WTF meter.)


  1. ak4mc »

    2 June 2010 · 9:40 pm

    As a matter of fact, I do seem to injure my shins a lot, but it always seems to be one item in particular that does it. For now I just turn it around so the dangerous protrusion isn’t toward where I walk, but sooner or later that thing has got to go.

  2. fillyjonk »

    3 June 2010 · 6:54 am

    Actually, the Malvolio usage of them would work quite well. They could probably be recycled for a jester/fool costume in another production…

  3. Ed Flinn »

    3 June 2010 · 7:28 am

    Needs more cowjingle-bells!

  4. Lynn »

    3 June 2010 · 9:14 am

    If you’ve got nice legs you can get away with anything.

  5. CGHill »

    3 June 2010 · 9:14 am

    Ain’t that the truth. [sigh]

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