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The police could be spending less on idling by the side of the road, simply by, well, not idling:

Anti-idling technology will save the Ottawa Police Service 1,764 litres of fuel a year per car — enough to drive across Canada four times.

The technology, which includes auxiliary batteries to run electronics, a small combustion motor to provide heat, automatic vehicle start up and shut off and idling monitoring and recording equipment, was installed in two patrol cars in 2009.

Before the technology was installed, an analysis showed that the average time the engine idled in a patrol car during a 10-hour patrol shift was 6.7 hours.

Fuel consumption being a major factor in any police budget, this is not an inconsiderable savings; payback period for the $2000 (CDN) equipment package, say the researchers, is a mere 18 months.

(Via AutoblogGreen.)

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  1. ak4mc »

    3 June 2010 · 10:27 am

    I believe the old “it uses less fuel to idle for under a minute than to shut off and restart after the same interval” thing dates from the days of carburetors. Has anyone determined where the tradeoff point is now that injectors have taken over?

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