Rain delay

About six this morning, I was dashing outside to retrieve the newspaper before the rain started. I looked over at the ginormous stack of Shingles ‘N Stuff over by the driveway, and thought, No way are they coming out today.

I’d left for work before the roofing company called me to advise me that no way are they coming out today, what with the storms all morning. It was nice and clear at noon, but of course the day was half gone by then.

Speaking of the newspaper, the Big Headline this morning was “Losses from Oklahoma’s May storms likely to top $1 billion.” At the time I saw it, I shrugged: what’s a billion these days? The Feds can spend that in a matter of minutes.

But eventually the math demanded to be done, and assuming that I have somewhere around the average amount of damage — just on the near side of $10,000 — then more than a hundred thousand people were hit by either the funnels on the 10th or the ice cannon on the 16th. Maybe both. Under the circumstances, I suppose I ought to be thankful I’m getting my stuff repaired during the first week of June — provided, of course, it doesn’t rain.


  1. Dick Stanley »

    3 June 2010 · 11:33 pm

    Guess you got all our rain. May, normally the wettest in Austin, was the driest in a while. Nice big storm last night, however. Maybe June will make up for May before the 100 degree days begin.

  2. wamprat »

    3 June 2010 · 11:45 pm

    We got more than our share; roof is totaled (almost 2 years old), most of the North windows broken (only the first pane, thankfully) skylights, both AC units, hot tub (glad to get rid of that) and of course the screens from the windows. Just the roof is estimated at 35 thousand, haven’t gotten anyone else out yet.

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